Excavation & Demolition

At JBC, we’re known for our top-quality swimming pool excavation and demolition services in the Rochester area. If you’re in need of a complete pool removal and/or replacement, our team of construction experts is here to help! Keep reading below for more information about our excavation and demolition services.

Inground Pool Demolitions

At JBC, we have the experience and expertise to perform complete inground pool demolitions. Our team of swimming pool excavation and demolition experts in Rochester can fully remove corroded, outdated, or structurally insecure inground pools. We use heavy machinery excavator & skid steer to tear-up, break down, and haul away concrete deck around pool, as well as remove pool constructed walls, vinyl liner, and floor base. The crater is then filled-in with several truckloads of clean-fill dirt followed by excessive grading to return the site back to blank yard space. Every pool demolition project is finished with a courtesy final grade, top-soiling and reseeding. 

Inground Pool Renovation Projects

Inground pool renovation projects involve complete removal and tear-out of old inground pools (vinyl liner, gunite, or old dated fiberglass pool). With this process, we use heavy machinery excavator and skid steer to tear-up, break down, haul-away concrete deck around pool, as well as remove pool constructed walls, vinyl liner and floor base. A new fiberglass pool is constructed in the crater or a new vinyl pool kit is constructed. Inground pool renovations are typically extensive and expensive projects.  

Complicated Existing Pool Repairs

JBC in Rochester has swimming pool excavation and demolition service experts that can repair or replace faulty, leaking, or cracked plumbing from existing inground pool. This process includes the use of excavator and/or skid steer to tear up concrete deck around the pool and haul away to gain access to existing plumbing lines/skimmer. Typically, these types of projects involve specific or complete replacement of plumbing lines/fittings. The skimmer which is then finished with a new concrete deck poured around your existing pool.

To learn more about any of the above excavation and demolition services, please get in touch with JBC Pools by calling 585-809-7665 and let us answer all your questions!

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