Are Fiberglass Pools Your Best Choice in Upstate New York?

Are Fiberglass Pools Your Best Choice in Upstate New York

When you’re just starting your pool research, you may wonder whether adding a fiberglass pool to your Rochester home is a good choice, given the extreme weather that upstate New York sees every year. Fortunately, fiberglass pools not only can handle the weather we get here, but are actually one of the best options for the area. Keep reading to learn more about how well fiberglass pools bear up against upstate’s extreme weather.

To start, fiberglass is a very structurally stable material. That means that it expands and contracts much less than other pool material options, such as vinyl and concrete. When the temperature changes, your fiberglass pool will see the least possible shifting and settling because it moves the least.

One of the reasons why fiberglass is such a popular option is because of its long-lasting enduring strength. It’s lightweight, which makes it very easy to move into place, but its inherent strength prevents it from being damaged easily.

Fiberglass is also very flexible when compared to other pool material options, which means it won’t crack when the soil expands and contracts during the freeze-thaw cycle. The chemically inert fiberglass for pools is also designed to hold up well against chemicals, cleaning solutions, and ultraviolet light from sunlight. 

If you need more proof, look to our neighbors to the north. There are fiberglass pools across all of Canada, proving the reliability and dependability of this material when it’s used in pool construction. In fact, the naturally insulative properties of the material make a fiberglass pool more energy-efficient to heat, allowing you to extend your waterborne enjoyment earlier and later in the year.

The main reason why the myths about fiberglass pools continue today is fear of competition in the market from dealers who use other pool materials. A fiberglass pool is the best option to use in upstate New York, giving you a wonderful oasis in the summer that you can enjoy without worrying about what winter storms will do to your investment.

If you’re ready to learn more about how fiberglass pools perform in cooler climates or want to get a quote on a high-quality fiberglass pool that will provide years of enjoyment, JBC Pools is ready to help. We’re a Rochester-based fiberglass pool company that handles installation, design and more! Please reach out today with any questions, for more details, or to get a quote on one of our fiberglass pools.

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