Want More from Your Pool? 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

Want More from Your Pool 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

When you were dreaming about getting a pool, you were probably dreaming about much more than just the pool itself, weren’t you? You saw broad, beautiful pool decks, loungers, a grill, maybe an outdoor kitchen. You saw a play area for the kids, a shower for cleaning up after a big workout, beautiful landscaping to compliment the area. Though we always include 36” of broom-finished concrete around your pool, here’s a quick look at some of the swimming pool upgrades that Rochester residents choose to add to make their space a little more enjoyable.

Want More from Your Pool? 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Space

  1. Drainage. Whether it’s draining the pool deck because Junior loves to do cannonballs or adding a French drain around the pool to remove excess ground water so that you can drain your pool a bit further in damp ground, along with grading to make that drainage more effective and reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents.
  2. Concrete. Want a wider pool deck to allow space for a pad for your grill or a bug-free space for loungers? We can increase your pool deck beyond the included 36”, and have the ability to add different finishes if you want something special that goes above and beyond to make your space beautiful and more comfortable.
  3. Retaining walls. Whether you want ledges built for sitting on around the pool or planters for some beautiful, intentional landscaping, retaining walls can do a great job of setting your space apart. From ordinary to extraordinary, these features can provide privacy, level areas of a sloped lot, or give your hot tub a riser for better keeping an eye on the kids in the pool.
  4. Excavation and demolition. Is your pool installation part of a larger project? We can remove that old shed, cracked concrete, or other eyesores and get digging so that you can add a sunken firepit seating area, provide a stronger foundation for your pool area, and many other options. We’re always happy to work with you on your creative project.

By taking the time to make your pool area your own, you can create a place that is perfect for your family and your needs. If you’re ready to update your pool in Rochester while winter weather is preventing further work, the experienced professionals at JBC Pools in Rochester offer swimming pool upgrade options that can liven up any backyard. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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