About Us

Trust & Professionalism

To create a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ experience for all swimming pool customers, JBC Pool Company was established in 2022 by JBC Excavation LLC. Our founder, JBC Excavation, has installed numerous swimming pools as an installation subcontractor throughout the Finger Lakes and Rochester region for over a decade! Through our experience, we have become experts in excavation, demolition, drainage, and additional construction services to skillfully install inground swimming pools. Over the years, we have built a reputation as one of the Finger Lakes region’s top-rated companies for constructing high-quality inground pools with exceptional service and quality. If you’re ready to enjoy the swimming pool of your dreams, get in touch and learn how we can make your dream a reality!

Our Commitment

At JBC Pool Company, we’re known for delivering high-quality pool products with turn-key installations; however, our greatest commitment is serving all our swimming pool customers with trust and professionalism. Working in hot, cold, wet, and dry working conditions just to accomplish the ‘picture-perfect’ swimming pool doesn’t quite do it justice for us. It’s the gratification of listening and seeing our customers and their families in amazement, excitement, and complete awe once their swimming pool is completed. We’re committed to selling and servicing trust, precision, and fun in every pool package!
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