Cortona Sunkun Living Area Pool

As a multi-functional pool, the Cortona Sunkun Living Area Pool offers residents of Rochester, NY a fiberglass backyard pool experience like no other: dine-in, golf, and tanning, all in one incredible backyard space!

This model’s features include:

  • Available options include a sunken living room, swim-up bar, and spa.
  • Available Sizes: Length/Width/Shallow/Deep
    • 16’ x 40’ 6’ (Basic)
    • 16’ x 40’ 6’ (Living room)
    • 16’ x 40 6’ (Spa with spillover)
  • Photo Gallery of Sunkun Living Area Pool
  • Request Pricing on Sunkun Living Area Pool Packages

Are you ready to transform your backyard into a full-blown living and entertainment space? The Cortona is your all-in-one paradise!

From classic designs to cascading multi-level pools, JBC in Rochester’s fiberglass backyard pools are known for elegance and innovation. A pool from Thursdays Pools can complement your lifestyle, giving you the ability to choose from 16 unique and classic fiberglass pool designs. Pool sizes range from as small as 9’6″ x 19’6″ and as large as 16′ x 40′. All pool models include ample swimming areas, as well as generous seating to accommodate just yourself and your entire family.

At JBC in Rochester, our fiberglass backyard pool design and installation team is composed of experienced pool experts. We can discuss the Cortana model with you in detail, as well as all other available models. We are highly knowledgeable about all pool designs, styles, and features. Let us help you design the pool of your dreams and achieve a lifetime of happiness with your new oasis! You can reach our team directly by calling 585-809-7665 or send us a message through our website. We look forward to working with you and making the pool of your dreams a reality!

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