Grading & Drainage

At JBC, we specialize in grading and drainage installations in Rochester for all pool services and construction projects. Our construction experts are highly trained in this area, always ensuring top-quality service and safety with every project. Learn more about our grading and drainage services below:


Our Rochester pool services company ensures that each fiberglass pool package includes installation of perforated drain tile along the exterior base of the fiberglass shell, followed by stone-backfill and a groundwater relief pipe to protect the pool from experiencing structural complications due to increased groundwater pressure against its base. Grading of excavated dirt from the pool can be provided up to 20 feet from the walls of the pool, as long as the site can accommodate the excess dirt. Slopes and angles will be assembled by our team to prevent the conflict of groundwater flowing towards the pool, house/accessory structures, and/or neighbors’ properties.

Drainage Installations

At JBC in Rochester we have found that one way to resolve wet sites and yards is to install additional drainage. JBC’s team can perform a French drain installation, dry well, or pump station installation for saturated yards. Pool sites with a high-water table can be unpredictable. When the time comes to excavate the site of the pool, our team of professionals may discover the location of the pool is on a high-water table which will complicate the process of the pool installation if completely ignored. Our crew is experienced in resolving this issue by installing a dry well and/or pump station to relocate the groundwater and maintain a water level below the base of the pool. This will prevent further pool structural complications, such as bowing walls, inconsistent leveling, and/or a ‘floating pool and/or concrete deck’ in the near future.

It’s important to note that large concrete patios poured in between a house and a pool may require additional deck drainage channels and pipes to prevent water from pooling on the concrete deck and protect the longevity of your new large concrete deck or patio.

Grading is included in all pool service packages. JBC in Rochester, NY customizes grading and drainage installation services for every customer’s needs, always making quality and safety a top priority. To learn more about grading and drainage services, get in touch with JBC and one of our pool experts will be happy to discuss our process in detail.

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