The Aspen

Ever dream of Aspen?

With The Aspen, you don’t have to! Known as one of the most serene pool models, The Aspen offers everything you need to enjoy a carefree day of recreational swimming or fitness. This model’s features include:

  • Large 12-inch deep tanning ledge
  • Full-length steps and an extended bench
  • Wide-open swim area
  • Courtesy ledge throughout the deep end
  • Dual deep-end swim-outs and benches
  • Non-skid surface
  • Auto-cover ready
  • Available Sizes: Length/Width/Shallow/Deep
    • 12’ x 25’ 5’1”
    • 14’ x 30’ 5’6”
    • 14’ x 35’ 5”6
    • 16’ x 35’ 5’6”
    • 16 x 40’ 5’10”
  • Photo Gallery of Aspen Pool
  • Request Pricing on Aspen Pool Packages

If you’re ready for a pool that melts your cares away, the Aspen has you covered. Between its stunning design and unique features, you won’t know how you ever lived without it!

From classic designs to cascading multi-level pools, Thursday Pools’ fiberglass pools are known for elegance and innovation. A pool from Thursdays Pools can complement your lifestyle, giving you the ability to choose from 16 unique and classic fiberglass pool designs. Pool sizes range from as small as 9’6″ x 19’6″ and as large as 16′ x 40′. All pool models include ample swimming areas, as well as generous seating to accommodate just yourself and your entire family.

Are you ready to start designing the pool of your dreams? The pool experts at JBC can help you choose the best pool model for your needs and preferences. We are happy to discuss all types of pool models in detail, as well as features, styles, designs, and color options. At JBC, we always aim to ensure our customers have 100% satisfaction and a lifetime of happiness with their pool. You can reach our team directly by calling 585-809-7665 or sending us a message through our website. We look forward to working with you on choosing a new pool!

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