Fiberglass Pool Cleaning Tips

Fiberglass Pool Cleaning Tips

If you have a fiberglass pool or have explored getting one, you likely know firsthand they require minimal maintenance. However, it’s important to be familiar with standard cleaning procedures that will help you maintain your pool for the years to come. Check out these essential fiberglass pool cleaning tips from JBC Pools in Rochester, and make swimming pool maintenance a breeze:

Perform regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris

A regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris is the first step to maintaining your pool. Because fiberglass pools have a gel coat that’s nonporous, you don’t have to use harsh cleaning products that combat algae. Instead, using gentle cleaning agents, including a damp cloth and pool cleaner, will suffice in removing debris without damaging your pool’s coat. 

Address pool filtration and water levels

For any fiberglass pool, it’s essential to maintain proper water levels. You should make a habit of checking that the water level isn’t too low, as this could affect your pump. If any water needs to be drained, it’s best to enlist the services of a professional, as changes in water pressure can potentially cause damage to the fiberglass.

Run and clean your filter

It’s important to run your pool filter for several hours to ensure all dirt, debris, and contaminants are removed. Regularly cleaning or replacing your filter is also important for making sure it works properly in preventing the growth of algae, adequately circulating the water, and maintaining the quality of water in your pool. If you lack the knowledge or desire to clean your pool filter, hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done!

With these fiberglass pool cleaning tips from JBC in Rochester, you can effortlessly maintain the look and quality of your fiberglass pool all summer long! If you’re looking for a reputable fiberglass pool company this summer, get in touch with the trusted and reliable team at JBC Pools. At JBC, we are qualified to install all types of fiberglass pools, working with customers to design the pool of their dreams! Please contact us directly at (585) 943-2675 to get started.

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