Having a New Pool Installed? Three Top Safety Features to Consider

Having a New Pool Installed Three Top Safety Features to Consider

Are you having a pool installed this summer? While a new pool can be very exciting, it can also present some serious dangers. By implementing pool safety equipment, you can best protect your family and others around your property in Rochester. Here are some top safety features to consider when shopping for your new swimming pool:

Pool fence

As one of the most critical safety features, pool fences are specifically designed to restrict entry to a pool area. Depending on your property and preferences, there are many types of fences that can be installed around a pool. These include steel fences, wood fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, and perimeter fences – just to name a few. With gate-lock functionality, fences are childproof and serve as a barrier in keeping children and pedestrians from entering your pool.

Pool alarm

If you have small children or pets, a pool alarm can provide necessary peace of mind! Pool alarms dramatically increase pool safety, notifying homeowners of anyone or anything that has entered the pool or surrounding area. There are many benefits of a pool alarm system, including providing notice of unauthorized entry; reducing the risk of neighborhood children playing or wandering on your property; and, of course, protecting your children from drowning or becoming injured.

Safety cover

If you’re concerned about your children going over a fence into your pool, you can have a safety cover installed as a second line of defense. Pool safety nets are very easy to install and maintain, and can be used for any type of swimming pool. They are also very affordable, typically costing less than most pool covers and fences!

As construction for your new pool gets underway, safety should always be a top priority. By installing some of these features, you can reduce drowning dangers and increase the safety of you and your loved ones.  

Are you interested in getting a new pool? Specializing in all types of fiberglass pool models, JBC in Rochester not only offers swimming pool installation, but can help you design the pool of your dreams! To get started, get in touch by calling (585) 809-7665 or send us a message through our website.

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