Start Your Planning for Spring Pool Renovations

Start Your Planning for Spring Pool Renovations

With winter well underway in upstate New York, it can feel like it’ll be forever before spring rolls around, but before you know it, spring will have sprung and you’ll be getting ready to open your pool again for the hot weather. That’s why it’s important to start planning now for pool renovations for your Rochester home ahead of time.

Start Your Planning for Spring Pool Renovations

If you noticed a few things you could improve in your pool area last year, you can make improvements this year. But what aspects of your pool area can you change after installation? You might be surprised about the number of changes you can make, even after your pool has been installed.

Did it get a bit crowded around your pool edge last year? It’s pretty common to decide to go with minimal decking when you’re planning an installation, just to find that loungers, toys, equipment, grill, and other items are crowding out your recreation area. Adding to your existing decking is one possibility to consider, such as dedicated grilling and lounging areas. 

If you had to do grading to your yard to make your installation work, you may have noticed that you’re having issues with erosion down slope. If you have, it’s an issue that you’ll want to get on top of as quickly as possible to prevent damage to your pool. In this case, a retaining wall or walls can help prevent erosion from occurring.

Were there wet spots on your decking or surrounding areas that’s causing issues with safe footing or algae? Improving the drainage in that area can help make it much easier to keep up your pool area while making your pool area safer.

These kinds of improvements can make a big difference in the enjoyment, safety, and maintenance requirements of your pool. If you need help with deciding which improvements you should undertake this spring, the experienced pool maintenance contractors at JBC in Rochester offer pool renovation services throughout upstate New York and are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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